Why Go Pro - X10 PRO that is!

If you ask a professional home automation installation company what they put into people's homes when it comes to X10, then the answer is always the same: X10 PRO products. So you may ask WHY? I mean X10 PRO products look the same as standard X10 products, they operate the same, and they are made by the same manufacture, but they don't cost the same.

The answer is certifications. The X10 PRO line of products has a higher degree of certifications than standard X10 products. The X10 PRO line is verified by Underwriters Laboratory, Federal Communications Commission, Industry Canada and Canadian Standards Association. In addition, the X10 PRO line is subject to higher manufacturing standards, and because of this, they come with a standard two year warranty.

Why Go PRO with The Home Automation Store

Simply put, service, selection and price. We destroy the competition with every aspect, and where service can sometimes be subjective, the price is without question what sets us apart. Our competition charges up to 4 times what we charge for the exact same items, and we get them from the same place: the X10 factory.

We offer full warranty and something else the competition does not even come close to offering: we offer the full selection of X10 PRO products. If you find a better price, we will beat it; if you find an item we don't stock, we will get it.

Whether you are a professional installer or a home owner wanting the best there is in X10 products, we deliver.