wijit HUB - WiFi Module for wijit system

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The brains. The link between Wijit and your router.

The Wijit HUB is the the central piece that communicates between your wireless router and your wijit plugins. Only one is needed and it can be placed anywhere within range of your wireless router. It is the first piece setup through the Wijit APP during installation.


Here is the chain of command: The Wijit HUB uses your wireless routers internet connection to make itself connectable to your specific device over the internet. Once you give the HUB access to your router, you can now communicate with the HUB wherever you have access to the internet. The communication with the HUB is then sent out to any and all Wijit plugins you have connected.

Additional HUB tasks

In addition to being the main connection and contact point, the HUB stores all your wijit plugin information. If you change or add a wijit on one device, then load the app on another device, the HUB will send the new information to the new device and automatically update it accordingly.

Easy reset

Things happen. Communication between your router and the HUB might get interupted, or perhaps you need to start installation over in a different location, resetting the HUB is easy. Simply hold the SYNC button for 10 seconds. After 3 seconds, it will begin to blink. Continue to hold for another 7 seconds and The LED will blink then turn off. Your HUB has been reset to factory settings!

A Better Alternative to Affordable Home Automation

There are so many choices when it comes to "Home Automation". Home Automation is also a very broad term. This product is simple. Remotely turn your plugged in lights and appliances on and off via controllers you already have (your phone or tablet). There are so many ways to do that in today’s age that range from the super expensive to the ultra cheap RF Control (in both price and quality). As a consumer, we want both affordable control and excellent quality, but there just isn't a system that provides those features at that price? Well, enter Wijit!

Advanced Control

With Wijit, you control your plugins via our free APP from any WiFi enabled device (no cheap plastic RF remote that is easily lost)! Setup is ultra simple and it's completely expandable! You can also control your gadgets when you are AWAY from your home as long as you have an internet connection.

Affordable Price

You don't need to pay anywhere from $40 - $100 per plugin for this technology! We have designed the Wijit to provide advanced control at an ultra affordable price. To achieve this price point, we designed these ultra reliable, one-way wijit plug-ins. If you want the convenience of turning your lamps and appliances on and off right from your phone, wherever you are, Wijit is by far the most affordable way to do it!

The Design

Wijit is not just a story of functionality either, it's also one of form. To be honest, most affordable automated plug-ins are ugly. Many are bulbous, often blocking the other outlets surrounding it. It does not need to be this way! Wijit was designed with style in mind. It's small, it's out of the way and it doesn't cover up all your outlets. It's simple, functional and minimal. It's the best!

NOTE: Wijit is it's own technology and does not work with other home automation brands or products (x10, insteon, z-wave, etc).


NETWORK TYPE 802.11 b/g/n
NETWORK RANGE approximately 100ft from router
WORKS WITH Wijit System
WIJIT OPERATING SYSTEMS Works with iOS and Android Phones and Tablets


Will wijit work with Alexa, IFTTT, or other technologies?

Wijit was designed as an ultra-affordable stand-alone technology for simple automation. Currently wijit is not compatible with other technologies.

What technology is it using?

The wijit HUB receives signals from your smart device through the internet (inside or outside your home). It speaks via WiFi to your homes router. It then communicates to all the wijit PLUGS around your home via RF (Radio Frequency) technology, alowwing the signal to pass through walls to better ensure the delivery of the signal. Due to us wanting to keep the units low-cost, this RF is one-way, meaning the wijit PLUGS do not return their ON/OFF status.

Can wijit be controlled remotely off-site?

Yes, once setup with your router (initial setup) the wijit PLUGS can be controlled anywhere you have a connection to the internet.

What is the approximate range of the WiFi signal and of the connection from the plugs to the control unit?

This is a generalization since many different things can impact wireless signals, but the wifi HUB should be within 100 ft from your router. If you have issues, try plugging in the wijit HUB closer to your homes WiFi router. The wijit PLUGS communicate with the wijit HUB and should be within 100 ft of that unit. Again, the wijit HUB is very portable and should make finding the proper range between your WiFi Router and wijit PLUGS pretty easy.

Does the plug allow dimming function?

No, the plug is ON/OFF only.

Do I need to have a smartphone or tablet to operate the wijit?

Yes. The controller is your iOS/Android Smart Device.

How many devices can one hub handle?

There is not a limit to how many Smart Devices can connect to the wijit HUB.

Can I use two hubs to control more than 16 plugs?

One smartdevice can only be connected to one wijit HUB. The maximum is 16 specific codes. Multiple wijit PLUGS can be assigned the same code (turning On or Off at the same time) allowing for more than 16 wijit PLUGS, however there can only be 16 different codes.

Are you able to set a scene or timer functions?

At this time we do not have scene or timer functions. We hope to have timer functionality in future versions.

What is the max recommended wattage?

Resistive Load -600 Watts
Inductive Load - 480 Watts

What is the maximum amp load?

Resistive Load - 10A@120VAC
Inductive Load - 5A@120VAC

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