Active Home Pro Software (Info Sheet)

Introducing the Coolest Way to Take Control of Your X10 Home

If you thought remote activated lights and appliances and amazing home automation features were strictly reserved for the rich and famous, then you were wrong!

ActiveHome is the system you've been looking for! It allows you to create the luxurious lifestyle and ambiance you've always desired at a price affordable to everyone!

Settle into your easy chair for the night, as your living room lights automatically dim when your favorite show comes on at 8. The porch light comes on by itself as the sun goes down, and as your show ends and you sleepily slump up the stairs to bed, the hallway lights come on so you don't trip.

Wake up with ease in the morning, as your lights fade on right at 6, your radio chimes in with your favorite station, and your coffee pot is fresh and ready as you step out of the shower!

Leaving on vacation? No problem. The porch light will come on at 8 and turn off again the next morning at 6. Your lights and appliances will turn on and off at random intervals so your house appears occupied, deterring possible intruders.

ActiveHome PC interface allows you to set your house on schedules convenient to your unique life! It's easy to use, affordable, and you can add onto it as much as you want!

X10 ActiveHome Computer Interface Module

Control Your Home from your PC with ActiveHome Using the included ActiveHome Software, the Home Computer Interface connects to your PC and sends signals over your existing house wiring to control lights and appliances connected to X10 modules.

The interface even works with the PC switched off. Once the interface has been programmed, the PC is no longer needed. Two standard AAA batteries retain the time, scheduled events and macros for up to 500 hours even if the power fails. You can even unplug the interface after programming it and plug it in someplace else in your home.

X10 Activehome Software (SW13A)

The powerful Windows (TM) based software included in the ActiveHome kit, will allow you to schedule your lights and appliances to run like clockwork. This easy to use software allows you to schedule daily events that turn lights and appliances on or off at set times or at dawn and dusk - even on specific dates. You can group several events together as a "macro" (see right) and activate these macros from any X10 controller. Included two controllers with ActiveHome; Universal UltimateREMOTE and Keychain Remote.

Controlling lights and appliances has never been easier. Using ActiveHome, you can control lights and appliances in three ways: ActiveHome uses a built-in scheduler to control any device in your home at times you specify. ActiveHome's scheduling capability is flexible, so you can vary the times that lights and appliances turn on or off to make your home look lived-in. Scheduling light and appliance activity with ActiveHome can even help you manage your energy consumption.

You can easily use a remote control to activate individual devices in your home -- or with the Routine Feature, groups of devices. For example, you can use the remote to turn off the lights and television at night, without leaving your bed. You can even use ActiveHome via telephone with an optional X10 telephone controller. At your computer, you can turn lights and appliances on or off in real-time (actually just a few seconds) while sitting at your computer.

ActiveHome learns about your lifestyle!"

ActiveHome is designed for maximum flexibility and convenience, so turning a light or appliance on manually will not disrupt scheduled ActiveHome events. ActiveHome's LifeStyle Feature can learn the usage patterns of connected lights and appliances. When you're away, simply set ActiveHome to replay your actual Lifestyle pattern to make your home look occupied

Dawn and Dusk Feature

Rather than having your lights go on and off at the same time each day, you can use the Dawn and Dusk feature. Simply choose the nearest major city from the Geographic Location menu, and ActiveHome will calculate dawn and dusk times for your location each day. No matter what time of year, lights of your choice can be turned on or off at dawn or dusk.