PAT01 16 Channel Transceiver

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Add RF Remote Control to Your X10 Devices

Converts Radio Frequency signals from X10 PRO wireless controllers such as the PHR04 , PHW04D, and PHR03 to X10 control signals. 

Now you can easily control lights and appliances from up to 100ft away -  even through walls - with this X10 PRO Transceiver Module. This powerful module works with handheld wireless remote controllers such as the X-10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHR03) to control its built-in switched outlet and up to15 additional X10 modules via the powerline. You can also control the Transceiver Module by other X10 powerline controllers such as the X-10 PRO Mini Controller (PHC01). 


X10 Product No.: PAT01
Whats Included: (1) X-10 Pro 16 Channel Transceiver
Outlet Type: 110 Volt
Compatible Loads: Resistive load: 15A 
Motor load: 1/3 HP 
Incandescent load: 500W 
TV/Stereo: 400W
Range: 100 Feet