XPF 20A Wired-In Noise Filter

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Block Out Noisy High-Current Devices!

Increase the reliability of your X10 signals with this 20-Amp 3-Wire Noise Filter!

The 20-Amp 3-Wire Noise Filter will block out noise generated by your large appliances.

By blocking out noise generated by large appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, hot tubs and more, this hardwired unit will ensure that X10 signals are sent along the powerline with minimal interference.

It offers an easy 3-wire installation and is perfect for blocking high-current devices running at 20 amps. It also keeps X10 signals from being absorbed by loads like computer UPSs, computers and televisions/monitors.


X10 Product No.: XPF
Whats Included:

(1) 20-Amp 3-Wire Noise Filter

Dimensions: 1 5/8" D x 3" W x 5 1/2" L
Installation: 3 wire
Power Rating:

20 Amps