XPCP 1:1 Ratio Passive Coupler

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Clear X10 Signals Throughout Your Home

Boosts X10 reliability in larger homes

If X10 transmitters in one part of your house appear to be unable to control X10 devices in other parts of your house, this incredible little signal bridge will have you dimming lights and controlling appliances all over your home with the greatest of ease.

Most homes have 2-phase 220V power, which is split into 2 110V "legs" within the house. Installing this X10 signal bridge at the breaker box will create a clear path for X10 signals from one "leg" to the other.

Recommended in situations where the residence is under 3,000 square feet and/or the transformer "feeding" power to the house is over 100 feet away.


X10 Product No.: XPCP
Whats Included:

(1) X-10 PRO Passive Signal Coupler

Power Rating: 120V/277VAC
Ratio: 1:1

Note: Installation must be carried out by qualified installers only. The main breaker must be turned off during installation and the coupler must be installed in a suitable workbox or equivalent enclosure. Installation must be carried out in accordance with all applicable codes and requirements, including, but not limited to, the National Electrical Code (NEC).