PM5900 POWERMID Infrared Remote Control Extender -MANUFACTURER REFURBISHED with Warranty

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a Manufacturer Refurbished unit. The item is certified refurbished and carries a 30-Day warranty. The unit may come in used packaging.

The X-10 Powermid Wireless RemoteSENDER (Model PM5900), is the perfect compliment to your home theater and entertainment center.  The X-10 provides you the ability to control audio and video from any room in your house by cutting the tether on standard infrared remotes and giving you the ability to send commands to any remote controlled AV equipment; up to 100 ft away!  Using your existing remote’s features from any room in the house, it works by converting infrared signals from your remote control into RF signals and back to IR again for electronics located in other rooms of the house.   Use it for most any audio and visual gadgets like: DVDs, stereos, televisions, satellite receivers, cable, VCR, CD players, and HD LCD projectors.  

The Powermid takes only a few minutes to set up and operate.  To install, place the transmitter in another room and place the receiver anywhere in the room where the equipment you want to control is located. Once activated, the transmitter receives the infrared (IR) signals from your remote control and instantly converts them into a digital radio frequency signal. The broadcast signal penetrates through floors, doors or walls and is pick up by the Receiver unit. The Receiver then transmits an IR signal to the equipment being controlled.

The pair of pyramid designed controllers both plug into any AC outlet and use only 5 watts of power. Each one is 3 inches square at the base and 4 inches high, and add a unique look to any room. Whether you’re on your patio, bedroom or bath, you can control volume, video, music and any other features your remote control offers from any room in your home!


X10 Product No. : PM5900
Whats Included:

(1) X10 POWERMID Transmitter, (1) X10 POWERMID Receiver, (1) Set of Instructions

Dimensions: 11" x 7" x 4"
Weight: 1.635 lbs.
Range: 100'
Power: 120V AC