X10 Protector Plus Home Security System (Info Sheet)

Thirty Minutes to Home Security

In less than thirty minutes you can install your own, complete wireless home security system without service fees, installation charges or contracts - for under $100.

1. Position the console

First, think ahead about where you want your control console to be. Try a spot in the center of your house that's easy to reach in an emergency. A kitchen countertop or hallway table is the best, but you can mount Protector Plus on a wall too if you need to. Plug the Control Console into a power source and telephone jack using the cords included in your box. Then add the 9 volt battery, also included, to the Control Console. This is your battery backup. If the power goes out at your house, it keeps Protector Plus running!

2. Record Your Message

Second, record your emergency message by flipping the button on the Control Console to "Install." Press the "Record" button, and wait for the "Busy" light to turn on. When the light's ready, you can talk into the console for 15 seconds. You've just recorded the message that emergency contacts will here! Then switch the "Install" button off.

3. Who should Protector Plus Call?

Now is a good time to think about who you want Protector Plus to call. Use your cell phone, a neighbor or a friend close by so they can check on your house before calling the police. That way you avoid getting false alarm fines from the police. To program four emergency numbers into Protector Plus just switch the "Install" button back on again, press "Prog" on your Control Console, and dial the number. When you're finished, press "1" on the number pad. That saves the number as the first emergency call. Then program three more numbers using positions "2," "3," and "4."

4. It’s Secret Agent Time!

Now It's time for the fun part! Get sneaky while you decide where to place sensors, motion detectors and the lamp module. Think like the burglar. Where would you try to break in if you were the robbing your house? Then carefully hide the sensors so thieves won't see them. Motion DetectorsDoor/Window Sensors can hide easily behind your curtains or inside a door jamb. Once you decide where to put them, add batteries (not included) to each component, and mount them to your walls using hardware. If you don't want to use hardware, you don't have to! Use the double sided foam tape included with Protector Plus to protect your walls!

5. Activate Your New Home Security System

Finally, it's time to activate the sensors, detectors and remotes. This is the easiest part! To do it quickly, get someone to stand by the Control Console while you go from sensor to sensor, and each of the remotes. Looking at the manual, push the correct “test” button on each sensor or remote (see manual). When your partner hears the Control Console chime, you know the test worked and Protector Plus is installed! ...27...28...29...THIRTY MINUTES! Good Work!

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The Protector Plus 7 piece set is a perfect starter system for your house.

(1) Control Console (PS561)

  • No codes to remember
  • Dials up to four emergency phone numbers
  • Blaring 95 dB alarm – as loud as a bulldozer
  • Monitors up to 16 doors, windows and rooms
  • Uses a backup battery in case power goes out
  • Countertop console – no bigger than an answering machine

(2) Door and Window Sensors (DS10A)

  • Magnetically senses door and window movement
  • Communicates with the Control Console wirelessly

(1) Infrared Motion Detector (MS10A)

  • Keeps watch 24 hours a day – even when the alarm is off
  • Monitors an entire room or garage
  • Infrared technology - works in the dark
  • Easy to mount, activate and move

(1) Lamp Module (LM465)

  • Fits any electrical socket
  • Controls lamps remotely
  • Flashes your lamp in an emergency
  • Adds a dimmer function to any lamp

(1) Remote Control (SH624)

  • Single-button arm and disarm commands
  • Dims and brightens lighting throughout your house
  • Easy to program and customize
  • Light, compact design

(1) Keychain Remote (KR10A)

  • Simple Arm, Panic and Lighting buttons
  • Weighs 1.5oz – won’t damage your car’s ignition
  • Sleek, discreet design