CS277 Companion Wall Switch - X10

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Powerful and flexible X10 Pro Companion Wall Switch provides your home with a level of luxurious sophistication without emptying your wallet.

The Companion switch simply send command to the master switch which transmits the X10 command over the power line.

Requires the WS4777 Master switch. Does not control a circuit directly.


X10 Product No.: CS277
Whats Included: (1) X10 Companion Wall Switch, (1) Set Ivory & White Rocker Plate Covers
X10 Power Rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, Max 1/10 Amp
Color: Ivory / White
Product Manual


The 3-Way Dimming Wall Switch Module is designed to control incandescent loads with a rating of between 40W and 500W. Lamps rated below 40W may flicker or operate erratically.

A power cutoff switch, located only on the Dimming Wall Switch Module, directly below the local on/off pushbutton is provided for bulb changing

A Companion Switch (PCW03) is provided for three-way operation.

A push-button is located on the Dimming Wall Switch Module and the Companion, for local on/off control.


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